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Every day hundreds of terabytes of data are collected from hundreds of Earth observation sensors in orbit around our planet.  This number is growing exponentially, while exploring and attempting to access these data is an exhaustive and daunting task that is preventing the widespread adoption and exploitation of these rich data sources.
SkyWatch is breaking down these barriers.  Based out of Canada’s high-tech centre of excellence in Waterloo, Ontario, we provide a single Application Programming Interface (API) to an aggregation of the world’s free and commercial satellite data.  Our simple and easy-to-use services allow users to discover and gain access to the rapidly increasing number of datasets and to create world-changing applications.

More choice, less reliance on single sources, machine-to-machine interfaces, and flexible retrieval methods.  This all adds up to adaptable, agile systems and increased efficiencies in maximizing the potential of Earth observation data.


and many more to come. Thank you all!